91 per cent of Albertan Drivers have Comprehensive Car Insurance

Published: August 27, 2015

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



People in Alberta are more likely to take out comprehensive insurance for their cars than any other province in Canada.

The information was revealed by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and comes in the wake of severe summer storms that have resulted in over $330 million in overall insurance claims in the last month. Alberta is typically subject to some of the most harsh weather conditions in high populated Canada and the province was battered during August. During this month the Calgary area has been battered to the tune of $100 million in total damage.

Albertans are apparently conscience of the weather conditions in their province as they have been revealed to be more likely to take comprehensive vehicle insurance.

"I think a lot of Albertans think about the damage that can be caused by hail and so do purchase that comprehensive," said Heather Mack of the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Comprehensive car insurance covers a driver against all non-collision based claims, and most of the extras it offers are not part of a basic insurance policy. This type of insurance covers drivers for such things as storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, hailstorms, hitting an animal, glass breakage, theft, vandalism or fire. This type of insurance comes with deductibles for car insurance in Alberta.

Calgary is subject to more hail than anywhere else in the country, and severe conditions can cause damage to cars, 1,000 damage claims were issued in the area during the last three weeks. The mountain ranges near the city cause those adverse conditions, but Alberta as a whole is subject to hard weather and drivers are making sure they are covered.

A sizeable ninety-one-per cent of all Albertan drivers have comprehensive insurance cover, which Mack says is a figure up to 15% more than in other territories.

"That's probably due to the fact that we get most of the severe weather in the province," she added.

"So last year about 62 per cent of the natural disasters were here in Alberta, which is continuing a pretty longstanding trend."

Alberta is one of the most affordable provinces for comprehensive insurance, which in part explains why so many people are opting for that coverage in the region. However, certain policy benefits are expensive in the province, such as windshield coverage.