About Shop Insurance Canada

Shop Insurance Canada has two goals, you can search quotes from Canada's top 25+ insurance companies on our website, and you can find the bigger savings on your insurance in just minutes at shopinsurancecanada.ca.  Once you have searched the lowest rates from Canada’s top insurance providers, you can connect to the insurance company you want to lock in your great rate!

We believe value for money is the number one need for users, and when they search for their lowest insurance rates on our website, they can find the best price possible.

Is there anything worse than paying for something and then realizing you could have gotten better or cheaper somewhere else? We don’t think so, which is why our objective is always to help you find quotes that suit your needs. At Shop Insurance Canada, it’s easy for you to shop rates from 25+ insurance companies in just minutes!

Who We Are?

Shopinsurancecanada.ca is part of the Kanetix Ltd. family, the largest online insurance and financial comparison company in Canada. Also within the Kanetix Ltd. family are:

KTX Insurance Brokers Ltd.

KTX Financial Ltd.

Our offices are located at 360 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R7 but you can call us too at 1 (888) 854-2503 or reach us by email at support@kanetix.ca.

Insurance is a Necessary Cost

Necessary maybe, but we know that our users want to search for their auto, home, life, or any other insurance quotes for the lowest possible price. Shop Insurance Canada also understands that our users oftentimes do not want to compromise on shopping many of the brands that they know and trust.

The simple fact is that insurance providers charge different rates for the same product based on the same criteria, and because companies have individual ways of calculating rates, no two prices are the same. Navigating the stormy waters of the Canadian insurance industry is a frustrating task, but it is absolutely necessary to shop around and make comparisons between companies, policies, and most importantly prices.

If you do not shop around you will probably either end up paying too much, or you will not be getting the best possible policy for your money.

We don’t think our users should have to part with any more of their hard earned money than is necessary, and sometimes not shopping around can mean overpaying by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is a mistake many make, but with Shop Insurance Canada it is a mistake that can be avoided. At Shop Insurance Canada, our users save an average of $750 on their car insurance when using our site to compare rates!

You can find the best quotes

Shop Insurance Canada is home to one of the most potent online insurance quote tools. Our unique engine allows our users to search for accurate results in a matter of seconds thanks to our easy to use system. With drop down menus and easy to use instructions, our quote engine can deliver results for you from over 25 of Canada’s leading insurance providers.

Our team has years of experience in the insurance industry and our unique approach means we always look to give you the personal touch many other provider ignore. We are home and car owners too, we know what we would expect from insurance for our own property and think our users should be entitled to the same.

Join the thousands who have used our quote tool to search for the best priced deal for their insurance needs.