Aviva Canada debuts Commercial Accident product

Published: October 26, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Aviva Canada has introduced a new expanded insurance product called Commercial Accident, which is oriented to the company’s broker partners.

Brokers are now able to give volunteer groups, member associations, charities, and businesses an “expanded insurance coverage and limits without having to look to other markets to fill what had previously been a gap in coverage,” Aviva Canada said in a press release on Thursday.

Commercial Accident is an insurance product that gives protection to participants and employees if there they are in an accident that caused injury of death while on an insured customers premises. This could be at work or at an organized on-location event. Under the policy, clients will have protection when they need it after an accident.

For death, the policy pays a lump sum amount, doing the same for total disability and paralysis. Other monetary benefits include funds for repatriation, medical, rehabilitation, dental, bereavement, psychological therapy, emergency transportation, day-care, education and spousal retraining.

“As much as we encourage taking the proper safety precautions to mitigate risk of accidents, there is no failsafe to predict when an accident will happen,” said Terri Mitchell, executive director of accident and health, at Aviva Canada. “We are offering commercial customers a comprehensive and sensible solution to protect the people that matter, and the reputation they have worked hard to achieve.”