Aviva Canada develops automated broker connection with Google Home

Published: February 28, 2018

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Aviva Canada is getting smart. The company is embracing automation with a new application for Google Home. The smart speaker is a household device that uses Google’s voice assistant to complete automated tasks. Aviva says its new insurance automation solutions bring hands free broker connections to customers.

Google Home allows users to voice command tasks. For example, it connects with smart home devices so users can control lights, Wi-Fi routers, TVs, and music. It is also possible to instruct the assistant to make orders, tell you the news, and find restaurants and places of interest. Now, it can also connect Aviva Canada customers to a broker.

Canada’s second largest property and casualty insurance company collaborated with automations software company ProNavigator to create the application.

“In working with ProNavigator to develop the app, one of the must-have fundamentals was to make this for multiple markets so brokers are able to interact with their customers who prefer a voice command experience,” said Aviva Canada executive director, digital brokers Tom Reid.

Reid pointed out that the app is still in testing and wants to see how brokers embrace the feature. The app’s core functions include:

  • Answers to frequently-asked-questions
  • Instant auto quotes (Ontario only)

“With consumers valuing speed and convenience, we are seeing the rise of voice as the next search engine,” said ProNavigator CEO and founder Joseph D’Souza. “In our collaboration with Aviva, technology and innovation have come together to improve and simplify the lives of customers and this has been our aim behind everything we do.”