Aviva Canada targets simplified claims model

Published: April 12, 2019



Aviva Canada says it has simplified its claims process by working directly with regulators across Canada’s provinces. The company says customers now receive claims on their insurance more easily thanks to changes implemented following customer feedback.

Bryant Vernon, Aviva Canada’s chief claims officer, told Canadian Underwriter consumers told the company they were confused by the claims process. Many were unsure when to submit claims, so the company decided to make changes.

“So, we worked with regulators just to understand what was being done for us and what was being done for [customers]. The stuff that was being done primarily for our own benefit, we tried to eliminate that as much as possible and put more trust in the customer.”

One area where Vernon says the claim process has been streamlines is in situations where a vehicle is a write off. In this situation, the insurance company needs a proof of the loss so it can salvage the vehicle. Vernon says Aviva Canada was previously “collecting it [the vehicle] for everything”.

“We know that for total losses, it’s necessary for us to salvage it, but in many other areas, it’s not, so let’s not require [a proof of loss] because it adds extra time. It could add a week or more to the claims experience. If people don’t get around to filling it out, that leads the adjuster to be in the situation as to, ‘Is it OK for me to pay out on this or is it not?’ We don’t want our adjuster to ever be in that situation with the customer.”

Aviva says it wants to give customers more chance of understanding their coverage and is simplifying policies:

“We actually are updating our initial policy documentation so it’s much easier to read – it gives examples of what’s covered and what’s not covered. I think it is possible to simplify it and to make it approachable to most people while still ensuring you have the appropriate protections in place.”

On Wednesday, Aviva published its 2018 Global Claims Report which shows the company paid out on a claim every four seconds across its global operations. Focusing on Canada, the report detailed continued stress in the auto lines market:

“In 2018 we paid 99% of all claims received. We offer general insurance in Canada, so these claims include home and motor insurance. We paid out over $2.7 billion Canadian dollars to our customers. Motor-related claims continue to drive high volumes, and so we’re focused on ways to improve the claims experience for customers following an accident.”