Aviva Canada teams with OneEleven for Safer Neighbourhoods Hackathon

Published: October 26, 2018



Aviva Canada has continued its partnership with start-up accelerator OneEleven by hosting a hackathon for making Canadian neighbourhoods safer.

Scheduled for November 23 to 25, the aptly named Safer Neighbourhoods Hackathon will take place at OneEleven’s Toronto base. In a press release today, Aviva Canada said insurance professionals, emergency responders, lawyers, developers, and more are welcome to register for the event.

“Pedestrian, driver, and neighbourhood safety should be a priority for all Canadians,” said Aviva Canada head of digital innovation Ryan Spinner. “That’s why we decided to partner again with OneEleven to host a hackathon focused on Safer Neighbourhoods.”

Applicants with an innovative idea can join the Safer Neighbourhoods hackathon individually or as a team. Numerous partners will be at the event, including the City of Toronto. Participants receive resources, mentoring, and data assessment. Aviva says the goal is to solve on of the three leading issues in Canadian neighbourhood safety:

  • Increasing pedestrian-friendly communities and preventing road related injuries/fatalities;
  • Preventing distracted driving-related accidents;
  • Increasing house-to-house communication for resource, knowledge, and skill sharing.

New Problems

Three winning entries will be paid a prize of $7,000, while access to Aviva’s nationwide network to promote their idea will also be provided. Technology is a focus of the event. Aviva says while tech makes our lives easier some innovations present their own set of problems:

  • From 2000 to 2008, there were over 6,400 trauma cases in which pedestrians were struck by motor vehicles in Canada.
  • According to the City of Toronto, more than 2,000 pedestrians have been severely injured or killed by motor vehicles since 2005.
  • Every 30 minutes, someone is injured in a distracted driving-related accident in Ontario.
  • Driver distraction is now a major contributing factor in about four million car accidents in North America each year.

“At OneEleven, we bring real solutions to scale,” added OneEleven Toronto managing director Siri Agrell. “We look forward to hosting the Safer Neighbourhoods Hackathon with our partner Aviva Canada and seeing innovative ideas develop into meaningful actions that will improve our city and put technology to use for the greater good.”

Previous Collaboration

Aviva Canada and OneEleven have plenty of history together. Indeed, it was last year when the companies hosted the DisasterTech Hackathon in Canada. The companies also teamed to introduce Canada’s first ever InsureTech event.

The event brought together auto expert, insurance leaders, start-up companies, and tech experts. Industries involved with disruptive technologies shared their information at the event.