Aviva Canada’s new policy renewal changes have angered customers

Published: April 24, 2019

Updated: June 3, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Aviva Canada has made changes to the way it handles auto insurance policy renewals, a decision that has angered some of its customers.

One of those motorists upset by the new system is Scott Ramsay from Calgary, who has been an auto insurance policyholder with Aviva Canada for 10 years. Ramsay has never been ticketed and has no convictions on his record. In other words, he should not receive an increase in his premiums, although there is one insurance claim for hail in his history.

Ramsay received a letter from Aviva Canada a few weeks before his policy ended for him to fill in a renewal form. However, Ramsay was unhappy with the words the company chose in the letter. He says Aviva was not guaranteeing him a policy despite his decade long loyalty.

“Just the way it was worded, it kind of ticked me off. You can apply for renewal and we may give you the opportunity to renew,” he told Global News.

The company also said if Ramsay was approved for renewal, he would have to pay a full premium because Aviva Canada no longer accepts installment payments. Ramsay believes the company will lose customers with this new payment rule.

“There will be many people who can’t afford to pay that — 12 months upfront,” he said. “So they will walk away.”

According to Global News, Ramsay is not alone in his frustration with Aviva Canada’s changes and have received the same letter. Those who did not act on the letter in time had their insurance policies cancelled.

Aviva Canada says there is a reason for the changes:

“Fundamentally, we’re just working to make sure we have accurate and updated information, so that we have a full understanding of our customers’ needs,” said Aviva Canada head of external communications Fabrice de Dongo in a statement.