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$2.3 million car collection lost in blaze, insurance steps in

By: , Published on , Last Update on October 27, 2017 08:39 AM

Losing a vehicle and needing to make an insurance claim is never a joyful experience, even if it goes smoothly. For Garry and Darlene Cassidy of British Columbia, it was heart-breaking as a fire claimed their collection of 40 high-end classic cars, muscles cars, and pickups.

The couple were visiting Las Vegas when fire destroyed an 8,500-square-foot showroom they had recently constructed in Langley, 45 minutes east of Vancouver. The showroom was built to house their vehicles that had been purchased and collected over a 30-year period.

Authorities report the blaze started at 3:30am on Wednesday and spread quickly, eventually shooting 50 feet into the air. Langley District firefighters announced the showroom building, the cars, and a memorabilia collection were all destroyed as a total loss. The Cassidy’s says the vehicle collection was worth $2.3 million.

All vehicles were protected by class and specialised vehicle insurer, Hagerty Insurance.

“Insurance is one thing but some of these cars are irreplaceable. They are like losing your children,” Garry Cassidy said.

Among the collection were vintage and rate Camaros, Chevy II’s and Corvettes. All vehicles were restored and maintained to a high standard. So much so, the Cassidy’s are known and respected in the North American classic car collector community.

The couple had the right insurance and Hagerty Canada says getting the correct policy is vital for protection such vehicles:

“You can’t replace the cars from a lifetime of collecting. And there is a difference between agreed value insurance and regular insurance,” says Hagerty Insurance Canadian representative Nigel Matthews. “It is advisable to deal with a specialist when insuring collector vehicles.”

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