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AIG names new CEO for Canadian division

By: , Published on , Last Update on November 8, 2017 03:07 AM

American International Group (AIG) has confirmed Lex Baugh has become its new chief executive officer for North American general insurance. As CEO, Baugh will helm the company’s United States and Canadian general insurance businesses. The position also places him among AIG’s overall insurance executive team, where he will report to Peter Zaffino, chief executive officer of general insurance.

Baugh has previously held other positions within AIG. Most recently, and prior to taking his new position, he was serving as president of liability and financial lines. Previously, Baugh was the president of global casualty, chief risk officer, and head of strategic planning for AIG Property Casualty.

“Lex brings an enormous amount of leadership experience to this role, with over 30 years at AIG,” Zaffino said. “I look forward to working with Lex and Chris Townsend, who we recently appointed as CEO of international general insurance, to transform our business globally into a profitable and growing organization, aligned with the market and with the needs and expectations of our clients and distribution partners.”

AIG also announced Geroge Stratts as chief executive of Lexington Insurance Company, which is the largest excess and surplus underwriter in the United States. Stratts will now serve under Baugh. He has 25 years experience in commercial property insurance. More recently, he has been president of AIG’s Property and Special Risks division.

“George’s deep expertise in the E&S market and proven leadership in property insurance represents the commitment we’re making to dedicate our best resources to this strategically important business,” Zaffino said.

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