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Belairdriect changing home insurance quoting with new online tool

By: , Published on , Last Update on December 14, 2016 12:35 PM

Belairdirect, an online-based subsidiary of Intact Insurance has announced a new home insurance “quick quote” tool that the company says will help aim to make the quote process easier and faster. In a press release, belairdirect says the new tool will reduce the time customers need to get an accurate quote. The company employs 1,600 staff in its physical locations.

In the release, the company says the tool is “accessible through any web browser or smartphone, can generate an accurate quote in a matter of minutes by leveraging existing data and available information from various online databases.”

The Intact subsidiary points out that traditional home insurance quote processes have resulted in Canadians avoiding home insurance quotes. Indeed, most think home insurance quotes are not a priority. In the past, quotes could be up to 40 questions and require document details such as current policies and property assessments.

With this new tool, customers have a more efficient solutions. “Belairdirect’s home quick quote tool leverages existing information in a streamlined and simplified 15-question process, saving time and eliminating the stress associated with sourcing home insurance.”

“We wanted to make quoting home insurance fast, easy and accurate for belairdirect customers,” said Mathieu Bellerive, creative studio and digital strategy manager at Intact Lab, Intact Financial Corporation’s (IFC) centre for digital excellence.

“How do you transform something tedious into something fun?” Bellerive asked. “By blending innovative technologies – like big data and Google Maps – with a customer-centric design approach, we created a streamlined and enjoyable way to shop for home insurance.”

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