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Brokers must put customer care first argues underwriter

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 12, 2018 07:43 AM

The customer experience is arguably the most important thing the property and casualty insurance industry can do to grow, perhaps more vital that what products are on offer. Jenny Hallahan, manager of underwriting for Listowel-based Trillium Mutual Insurance Company says good customer can be a differentiator in the market.

“There are a lot of people out there who sell insurance,” she told Canadian Underwriter. As a broker, it is important to find “how you separate yourself” from the competition “and how you provide something that’s exceptional so that people want to buy insurance from you.”

Hallahan was speaking during the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario Young Brokers Conference in Niagara Falls last week.

Focusing on young brokers entering the industry, she advised a deep knowledge of the industry. Young professionals “are selling a lot of different products,” Hallahan said. “Your customer is trusting you to provide the knowledge, so you have to have an understanding of insurance.”

Hallahan suggests it is relatively easy to teach new employees about insurance products, but a sales-focused personal approach to customer service is harder to grasp. “If you are a sales-focused person who is excited to be part of something, I think that insurance is in interesting [career] option for anyone out there.”

IBAO calls on brokers with less than give years’ experience in insurance or who are under 40 years to become members of its Young Brokers Council.

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