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CAA NEO opens Worst Roads Campaign in Ontario

By: , Published on , Last Update on April 11, 2017 11:43 AM

CAA North & East Ontario (CAA NEO) has introduced a new campaign called the Worst Roads Campaign. The roadside assistance and auto insurance association says its Worst Roads Campaign will ask motorists in North and East Ontario to give their opinions to help find the roads that are in need of repair.

Voting is currently open and will run through May 4, 2017. Members of the public can cast votes by visiting the CAA and the campaign page.

“Road infrastructure across the province is always top of mind at this time of year,” said CAA NEO president and CEO Christina Hlusko. “Conditions like potholes can increase traffic congestion, strain existing roadways, and cause serious vehicular damage – in addition to putting both driver and pedestrian safety at risk.”

The group runs this campaign every year. In 2016, the CAA NEO says voter turnout was high, with 2,500 roads nominated as the most in need of repair. In a release, the association says Country Road 49 in Prince Edward County was voted the worst road of last year. 2016 was notable because it was the first year that no road in Ottawa was in the top 10 worst.

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