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Canadian Broker Network names Mike Robinson as chairman

By: , Published on , Last Update on February 28, 2017 01:41 PM

The Canadian Broker Network, a network of independent insurance brokers, has named its new chairman. Mike Robinson, president and CEO of PBL Insurance Limited, has been announced as the chair, effective immediately.

Robinson is assuming the position as the successor to Tim Miller, president of Capri Insurance Services. During his time as chairman, Miller “focused his energy on fostering higher levels of collaboration between the members, growing the membership and laying the groundwork for CBN’s strategic direction,” notes a statement Wednesday from CBN.

The Broker Network has more than 1,500 employees around Canada and hold over 50 office throughout the country.

Miller’s “guidance has helped to set us on a successful course for the future,” says CBN managing director Lorie Phair, formerly the CEO of Ingenie Canada.

Phair also welcomed Robinson to the position, saying that his “industry experience, vision and leadership skills will be of great value to CBN as we continue to grow and execute on our strategy.”

CBN is made up of Capri Insurance Services, CMW Insurance Services, Lawrie Insurance Group, McLean Hallmark Insurance Group, PBL Insurance, Rogers Insurance, Smith, Petrie, Carr & Scott Insurance, South Western Group and digital commercial broker Bullfrog Insurance.

The network of brokers collectively writes more than $1 billion in P&C premiums, while also offering life and fincnacial services and employee benefits.

“CBN provides a unique alternative for members to grow their business while bringing a co-operative, non-competitive national reach to the regional focus of its members,” the statement notes.

The network’s key strategy “is to assist the growth and profitability of its members through cross learning and sharing of information in a confidential environment,” adds information on the CBN website.

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