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Car-Sharing Service Turo Arrives in British Columbia

By: , Published on , Last Update on October 6, 2017 06:47 AM

Car-sharing service Turo has expanded into British Columbia. The platform connects local car owners with visitors and tourists who need a vehicle during their stay.

However, British Columbia is in the midst of tackling the legality of ride-sharing, so companies like Uber are not yet operational in the province. Turo has addressed the limitation by partnering with a local, independent car rental companies. These collaborators will make their fleets available to Turo members and will provide commercial rental insurance to customers.

“Independent car rental companies are natural partners for Turo; most are family-run, small businesses who offer great service, and great cars, at great prices,” Cedric Mathieu, director of Turo Canada, said in a statement.

Turo has four million members around the world and has amassed 220,000 in Canada.

“With its great outdoor culture, high penetration of car-sharing and high levels of cross-border travel, (British Columbia) is a natural market for Turo,” Mathieu notes.

“Over 7% of Turo community members are residents of B.C. who use the platform in other provinces and for travel to the U.S.,” he adds.

Turo launched in Canada during the spring of 2016, arriving in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. It has remained in those provinces since, making this its first expansion within the country. The company describes the expansion as “an important step in realizing Turo’s mission to put Canada’s 23 million cars to better use and to capture a growing share of the Canadian travel market.”

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