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Do-it-yourself condo owners put insurance companies at risk

By: , Published on , Last Update on February 27, 2018 01:06 PM

Insurance companies should take caution from a British Columbia case and tell condo insurance customers to consult specialists before taking on home renovations. Many customers like a DIY approach, but home and tenant condo insurance companies should avoid promoting such alterations.

The warning comes from a B.C. strata lot owner who must now pay over $8,000 in damages after resident accidentally drilled into pipe while hanging a new TV. The incident happened during June 2016 when Roland Lake drilled a hole to install a mounting bracket for his TV. A pipe was hit and Lake claimed against the strata corporation to repay him $5,000, while the corporation believed Lake should pay $8,281,87 for emergency restorations and repairs.

The dispute went to the Civil Resolution Tribunal, which rules last week in favour of Lake, making the  

Lake had contested the incident was “caused by incorrectly installed plumbing approved by the strata, and it was reasonable to expect to be able to mount a television on a bedroom wall,” CRT member Kate Campbell wrote in the ruling.

In response, the strata corporations said condo owners are responsible for checking walls for pipes and cables before drilling.

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