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Drones have big future in insurance says RIMs Conference expert

By: , Published on , Last Update on September 29, 2017 06:36 AM

Drones are already considered a sizeable new insurance frontier and are already involved in claims adjusting and assessment process for companies. Eric Schillup, senior risk consultant for Zurich Canada spoke this week about the future of drones and insurance.

How the insurance industry will be impacted by droned was the focus of Schillup’s talk at the RIMS conference in Toronto this week.

“I’m always looking into the future,” he said. “The decrease in the cost … will expand the adoption of this technology significantly.”

Thermographic cameras will become more common as drones become more important as tools for assessing electrical infrastructure. UAVs are already used for roofing, but as technology improves with thermographic cameras, drones will be used to pinpoint leaks. Zurich is already using drones to find water sinks on flat roofs.

In construction, drones will become important for assessing safety methods, such as monitoring workers to check they are using correct safety equipment, like hard hats.

Schillup says insurance companies are only now starting to realize the importance of drones and are using them for limited purposes.

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