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FSCO: no timetable for EPAI adoption in Ontario

By: , Published on , Last Update on January 27, 2018 05:54 AM

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), the provincial regulator, says electronic proof of automobile insurance (EPAI) is not imminent in Ontario, although it continues to work on a solution. The admission means the most populated province in Canada, where most drivers are, has no launch date for electronic slips.

This follows Nova Scotia announcing this week it will become the first province in Canada to adopt EPAI.

Malon Edwards, a spokeperson for the FSCO spoke to Canadian Underwriter and said the regulator is collaborating with the Ministry of Finance on an EPAI solution. However, there is no timeframe for when a finalized timetable will be announced.

“Drivers would benefit from the option of using electronic proof of insurance as it would allow them to confirm their proof of insurance through their mobile device, instead of the current paper pink cards issued by insurance companies,” Edwards said.

William Ngu, the superintendent for Nova Scotia, said earlier this month the province had outlined guiding principles for the use of EPAI. Those guidelines provide a framework for brokers and insurers to work from if they are to give customers EPAI. The principles in Ngu’s bulletin included provincial legislation and security protocols.

Speaking to Canadian Underwriter, Deputy Superintendent of Insurance Jennifer Calder that EPAI will be exactly what people see in their pink cards now, just in digital format. “This is basically enabling legislation, which is based on consent for both parties, so if an insurer wishes to offer it and an insured chooses to accept that option, they can do so,” she said. “There’s no requirement on any party.”

The framework and introduction of electronic pink slips will work under the Electronic Commerce Act, which allows Nova Scotia to permit customers to carry any document in electronic format. However, there needs to be a constant between involved parties.

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