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ICBC president says toll fraud has stopped

By: , Published on , Last Update on August 9, 2017 10:02 AM

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s (ICBC) president and CEO Mark Blucher says that a recent bridge toll fraud case involving insurance brokers has resulted in the operation terminating. Blucher says the fraud is no longer happening as the investigation continues.

Last month the ICBC fined at least three brokers who were found to have aided motorists to avoid paying toll fees. This was achieved by the brokers by entering false payment receipts into the Autoplan system. Such actions are fraud, says ICBC in a release.

Unpaid toll fees stop drivers from being able to renew their licenses or get auto insurance in British Columbia. Until bills are paid, ICBC places a “refuse-to-issue” order on drivers when payments are 90 days overdue. Insurance companies can override this order is they receive the official receipt numbers and the fine is paid, but changing the Autoplan system.

While three brokers were initially fined, 100 in total are involved in the investigation. Since the first fines, 27 brokers have been forced to pay.

“We’re very comfortable that behaviour doesn’t exist to any degree now,” he told CBC. “We’ve put in place procedures now to make sure that can’t happen as often, and it’s going to be managed really closely within the organization.”

“I’m sure in some cases it was a customer who really needed that insurance rightly in that timing and perhaps didn’t have the evidence on them at that time,” Blucher added.

“I have absolute faith in our brokers. They’ve been representing ICBC for over 40 years and selling insurance and do a fine job of doing that.”

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