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Insurance professionals know their worth and insurance companies must deliver

By: , Published on , Last Update on September 4, 2017 04:35 AM

Canadian jobseekers in the insurance industry understand their worth and importance more than ever, putting pressure on carriers and brokerages. Insurance companies must now offer adequate opportunities of risk losing young talent to rivals or another industry.

That’s the view of Nadia Linklater, a talent acquisition partner at DGA Careers, in Toronto. The company is a major recruiter for the insurance industry, linking employees with brokers, carriers, and adjusting providers.

While a sense of employment worth was thought to be a Millennial trait, Linklater says it is now becoming something Generation X’ers believe. More people know what they are worth to an industry, and are willing to move on if they don’t find it.

“Gen X-ers, as well, are far more cognisant of their market value as an individual,” she said. “They, too, are now listening and paying attention more. This is all a good thing. Employers can become complacent sometimes, and the ones that are really paying attention to their employees and providing a positive work environment, compensation packages, and opportunities for growth that their competitors are not offering, that really helps them stand out.”

It's true that older generation employees will typically show more loyalty to a company, those looking for jobs are more picky about finding a workplace that values them.

Linklater says jobseekers are increasingly seeing the value of having a degree with some sort of insurance education, something that was not the case several years ago.

“Whether you’re applying for a job, whether it’s in an insurance company or a brokerage, if you have an education that includes [insurance designations] from your undergraduate degree … if I have two candidates for a junior role, and one has the insurance education and one doesn’t, it’s more likely than not that the person who has the insurance education would get the job,” she said.

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