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Insurers cautious on medical marijuana

By: , Published on , Last Update on July 17, 2018 07:06 PM

Canada has set a finalized October data for the legalization of recreational marijuana and insurers are preparing coverage to manage it. However, company are at the same time becoming more reluctant to cover medical cannabis.

While many companies are embracing medical marijuana, others are staying clear, at least for the time being. Cyd Courchesne, chief medical officer of Veterans Affairs Canada, says the caution is because insurance providers have looked to companies insuring medical cannabis outside Canada and realized the potential heavy cost.

“If I was working for any other company, and I was their medical director, I would say do not reimburse,” Courchesne told Global News.

He says the fact the medical industry is still not universally sure about the effects of marijuana as a medical aid, insurers are not ready to commit.

“We do not have enough information right now.”

Research about the benefits of medical marijuana are not conclusive. The Canadian Medical Association has not been definitive but does tell its members to be cautious when using cannabis as part of a medical regime.

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