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Is Ontario’s Fair Auto Insurance Plan another vote grab pledge?

By: , Published on , Last Update on December 31, 2017 09:48 AM

While the Ontario Liberal government has received praise for its plan to tackle auto insurance premiums, including the creation of a dedicated fraud team. However, others have cast doubt on the government’s intentions, suggesting this is just another election ploy to win votes.

In 2013, the Liberals announced they would reduce auto insurance rates by 15.3% by August 2015. That date came and went and three years later the rate has been reduced by just under 10%. The government failed and Premier Kathleen Wynne later admitted it was a “stretch goal” and critics said the government merely bought votes with the initial pledge.

In the 2017 Ontario Ministry of Finance Report “Fair Benefits Fairly Delivered: A Review of the Auto Insurance System of Ontario” showed that Ontario is still comfortably the most expensive auto insurance market in Canada.

  1. Ontario: $1,458
  2. B.C.: $1,316
  3. Alberta: $1,179
  4. Newfoundland & Labrador: $1,090
  5. Manitoba: $1,001
  6. Northwest Territories: $974
  7. Nunavut: $968
  8. Yukon: $806
  9. Nova Scotia: $783
  10. Saskatchewan: $775
  11. New Brunswick: $763
  12. E.I.: $755
  13. Quebec: $724.

Among the new changes proposed by the Ontario government is to create the Fair Auto Insurance Plan, which will "improve care, reduce disputes around diagnosis and treatment... promote innovation, competition and other steps to improve consumer protection."

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