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Liberals make last-ditch election effort with auto insurance discount promise

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 5, 2018 09:42 AM

The ruling Liberals are in danger of losing control in Ontario. Polls show that the party is likely to lose this Thursday’s elections. In a bid to win over voters, the Liberals are now promising deep auto insurance cuts for motorists who use applications to prevent distracted driving.

This is the latest play from political parties in an election campaign that has seen auto insurance play a major part.

The NDP (likely to win the election) is running on several significant auto insurance promises, although creating a public market is not one of them. The party says it will reduce auto insurance premiums in Ontario by 15%, a pledge originally made by the ruling Liberals. In 2013 the party pledged to reduce average premiums by 15% before August 2015. That self-imposed deadline passed with only incremental improvements and since auto insurance rates have returned to growth in Ontario.

Parties are also running on a promise of ending territorial assessment for premium cost, something insurance companies is vital to how they determine how much customers should pay for coverage.

In a last-ditch effort to pull in voters, the Ontario Liberals say they will “mandate that insurers offer a discount to drivers who install anti-distracted driving apps on their phones,” a party spokesperson said in a call to Canadian Underwriter.

Current Premier Kathleen Wynne conceded defeat last week in an unusual move. She said she will not govern Ontario next term, but urged voters to provide accountability by placing Liberals in the minority.

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