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MPI announces top five frauds in 2017

By: , Published on , Last Update on December 31, 2017 09:25 AM

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has announced details from its fraud team and the investigations conducted through 2017. The public insurance corporation says it closed 2,560 investigations during the year, which allowed it to make $6.2 million in savings for customers.

However, fraud remains a major problem in Manitoba and across Canada, costing the industry billions of dollars each year. That loss is mostly pushed back onto customers in the form of higher premiums. MPI has announced its annual “Top Five Frauds” list, and here are the most common fraud rackets in the province.

1) 'Drowned' while mudding

The most frequent fraud type in Manitoba is drivers who purposely put their car deep in mud for fun and tell MPI the vehicle sank after spinning out of control.

"The investigation told another story: the vehicle had in fact been 'drowned' while four-wheel mudding," a release from MPI read.

"In addition, a web page for a local Jeep club published a photo from a long-weekend rally, showing the vehicle stuck and buried in deep mud."

Owners would also send the vehicle to be fixed through the dealership before making a claim.

"If claimants withdraw their claim, MPI‎ typically does not pursue legal action," MPI spokesperson Brian Smiley wrote in an email. "Legal action is often lengthy, and withdraw mitigates our losses/costs."

2) Hail damage? Not so much.

3) Fender bender

4) Inconveniently placed camera

5) Injured but pumping iron with ease 

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