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MPI to close service and claim centres

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 30, 2017 01:48 PM

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) announced today the upcoming closure of two its centres. The company says it is closing two locations as a cost-cutting measure.

In a release, the provincial crown corporation, which provides auto insurance to Manitobans, said the Pacific Avenue service centre and the Flin Flon claim centre will be shuttered by October 31, 2017. Fortunately, MPI said there will be no employee layoffs and current staff will be placed elsewhere within the company.

Equally, the insurance provider points out that it does not envisage the closure will interrupt services. MPI spokesperson Brian Smiley confirmed the action to Winnipeg Free Press and said workers in the Pacific Avenue centre have been relocated to other service locations.

"Employees from the Pacific location will be reassigned to more frequently-used service centres as demand for services in other locations continues to grow. This allows us to better serve Manitobans with adequate and efficient customer service at preferred service locations," Smiley explained.

Smiley did not detail where the Flin Flon claim centre employees will be moved to, although he assured they will remain with MPI. This location is only part-time, open for two days each week.

"There will be no employee layoffs in Flin Flon and services to the community will continue to be provided through regular visitations from the MPI Service Centre in The Pas. Insurance and licence transactions will continue to be available from Autopac agencies in the community," he said.

"Closure of these two locations will result in operating cost savings of nearly $400,000 annually without affecting service to customers," Smiley added. "These two closures are part of MPI’s ongoing commitment to streamline operations, adjust service delivery to meet customer needs, and reduce operating costs for the benefit of all rate payers. In the past 11 years, MPI has closed 17 locations with no negative impact to customer service."

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