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Municipality in hot water for private insurance endorsement

By: , Published on , Last Update on July 30, 2017 08:21 AM

Peel Region residents are expressing their displeasure regarding the municipalities decision to endorse a single private insurance company for broken water and sewer lines. The move is unusual and seems to be exclusive, according to letters from the regional municipality.

Locals who received the letter say they were informed about optional the Water Line Warranty Program offered by Service Line Warranties of Canada. This appears to be a direct endorsement of one private insurer, with the municipality suggesting the company’s services to residents.

Complaints started soon after the letters were sent, with residents questioning the endorsement and if the deal includes tax payer money.

Peel Region residents have openly complained about the municipality’s unusual and seemingly exclusive endorsement of a private insurer for broken water and sewer lines. Peel Region officials say the partnership with Service Line Warranties of Canada is not costing residents:

“Service Line Warranty Canada [sic] pays for all aspects of the program, including marketing, customer service, and any service line repairs,” the region’s works department told Brampton Guardian in an email.

Officials add that the company also picked up the cost of sending out the 280,000 letters to residents. Council members have stressed that is endorses Service Line Warranties of Canada because it offers the service it thinks customers need. However, officials point out if another company offers the same policy, they too would be endorsed.

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