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New Brunswick creates Crown corporation to oversee cannabis sales

By: , Published on , Last Update on September 19, 2017 05:58 AM

The Government of New Brunswick announced on Friday the establishment of a Crown Corporation that will oversee the sale of recreational (non-medicinal) marijuana in the province.

In a press release, the Departments of Finance and Health said suppliers of cannabis have partnered with the government ahead of the federal government’s plan to legalize the drug by July 2018. Health Minister Benoît Bourque said the provincial government is “committed to ensuring a seamless approach to the legalization of recreational cannabis, an approach that will prioritize public health and safety concerns. To that end, we have created a new Crown corporation that will help us to achieve that goal and have signed memorandums of understanding with two licensed New Brunswick producers of cannabis in order to secure a supply for our New Brunswick market.”

Organigram and Canopy Growth Corp. are the two fully licensed marijuana producers who will work with New Brunswick’s government.

“We are pleased to partner with two local companies to secure a supply for our New Brunswick market in time for the July 2018 launch,” Finance Minister Cathy Rogers said in the release. “In addition, the creation of this new provincial Crown corporation provides the flexibility and lays the groundwork for the eventual retail model once final decisions around that have been made.”

By working with producers and selling directly through a Crown Corporation, the government hopes it can fully control the sale of non-medicinal cannabis. The province says the corporation will not directly sell products, but will oversee sales of cannabis from suppliers.

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