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New Brunswick using new system to detect flood potential

By: , Published on , Last Update on March 31, 2018 04:11 PM

New Brunswick is turning to technology to help track snow loads and ice movements in an effort to better predict and mitigate floods. The Department of Environmental and Local Government has collaborated with the National Research Council and the University of Waterloo to debut a new forecasting system.

Jasmin Boisvert of the Department of Environment and Local Government says it is hoped the technology will lead to more information and less damage.

“We will be testing this new flow forecast on a day-to-day flow operations mode – which is the first time we will be doing this,” Boisvert said.

“This new model … incorporates the latest technology and the latest knowledge in the field of hydrology.”

Additionally, the province has updated its early warning system for floods and is sharing data with partners to help the management of waterways.

“We’ve actually deployed a GPS puck in a barrel and put it off the Perth-Andover bridge on a solid ice cover and when the ice started to move the GPS barrel moved along with it and it sent signals to our control centre to let us know that the ice is on the move,” Greg Carroll of NB Power said.

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