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Ontario close to electronic pink slips as police already accept e-solution

By: , Published on , Last Update on April 29, 2018 06:15 PM

Ontario has been typically slow to adopt electronic proof of auto insurance, and indeed only Nova Scotia officially accepts the e-solution. Rumors persist that police in other regions outside of Nova Scotia are accepting electronic proof, even if they are not supposed to. Now, it has been suggested Ontario is ramping up its efforts to introduce the pink slip replacement.

Bill Redford, vice president of product development for Keal Technology cites “word on the street” and says police offices in Ontario are unofficially accepting electronic proof of auto insurance. Speaking to Canadian Underwriter last week, Redford said police will not write a ticket for lack of insurance proof if the driver can produce an electronic copy on a device.

During the IBC 2018 annual meeting on Thursday, IBC senior vice president of strategic initiatives read a statement prepared by CEO Don Forgeron, stating “At the moment, only Nova Scotia has taken steps to allow drivers the convenience of an electronic pink slip. We’re hopeful that Ontario will follow suit shortly.”

Electronic proof of auto insurance is already widely available from a number of tech platforms, but provinces around Canada has been slow to adapt to the change. Keal became the latest company last week to support CSIO’s My Proof of Insurance eDelivery. The company’s adoption will begin on May 15.

“We are hoping that the provinces will catch up in due time [and] that they are going to accept it officially or unofficially just by sheer demand and need,” Redford said.

“This solution would allow brokers and carriers not only to send auto liability cards but all policy documents for personal lines and commercial lines insurance without requiring the end consumer to download an app or to create a profile on a company or a broker portal,” CSIO president and CEO Catherine Smola said recently.

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