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ORBA continues campaign against bad driving in construction zones

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 30, 2017 06:00 AM

The Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA), as part of its ongoing two-year campaign, is continuing to offer data on dangerous driving. Specifically, driving that puts road workers in the province at risk.

ORBA published a new survey today, showing that nine out of ten (90%) of Ontarians have witnessed dangerous driving in construction areas. Two-thirds of respondents freely admit that they have been guilty of driving dangerously in construction zones.

This clearly shows that most people understand the risks of such behaviour and recognize it, many of those same people still perform bad driving habits like speeding and distracted driving in construction areas.

During the first year of its campaign (2016), ORBA used PSAs to educate drivers on behaviour such as failure to merge, speeding, and road rage. During this year, the association is now placing focus on distracted driving. In the survey, 60% say they see other drivers using their phones, while 50% report seeing people eating behind the wheel.

Speeding is also common, with two-third of respondents witnessing other drivers break the speed limit. Interestingly, speeding seems to be epidemic as 27% claim they have need to exceed the speed limit just to maintain pace with the flow of traffic.

ORBA warns drivers that construction increases during the warmer summer months. This is also when more drivers are on the roads and more people are traveling long distances.

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