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Quebec details vanity license plate costs

By: , Published on , Last Update on July 5, 2018 04:31 AM

Ahead of an upcoming licence plate program, the Quebec government has discussed the project in more depth, highlighting the personalized plate allowance that begins July 27.

“Quebecers will be able to personalize the license plate of their vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, motor home, snowmobile and even their off-road vehicle according to their passions, their hobbies and their personality,” said Transport Minister André Fortin.

So-called vanity plates were first announced by the Quebec government in 2014. Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) – the provider of Quebec’s public auto insurance plan and issuer of license plates in the province – confirmed the cost of the plates to be $250 up front. Then motorists must pay a $34.50 annual fee to renew the plate.

The annual cost is over three times as much as the renewal cost of a standard plate, which is $11 per year.

In terms of what’s allowed on a personalized license plate, provincial lawmakers say drivers can have up to seven characters, but cannot have the same plate as someone else. Among the limitations are:

  • Lettering suggesting that the driver is, or is related to, a public authority
  • An expression of carelessness about road safety
  • An obscene and/or scandalous idea
  • The promotion of a criminal offense

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