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Quebec faces pest invasion in post-flood environment

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 13, 2017 07:13 AM

Quebec has been subjected to historic flooding this year, but even as the waters recede, residents in the province face other issues. Notably, critters and pests will cause problems at least in the next few months, and could be an issue for years.

Standing pools of water have been created by the huge floods this year. This has produced an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos.

“I do expect several times the usual number of mosquitoes,” said Paul Maloney, an entomologist based in western Montreal.

Maloney believes ponds remaining full allow dormant eggs from last year to remain fertile and hatch this year. However, some eggs could be even older, up to eight years and waiting for the perfect conditions to hatch.

Mosquitos will not be the only pest plaguing Quebec in post-flood conditions. During April and May floods, more than 5,700 homes were affected by high water, with 4000 people forced to relocate until waters receded.

Martin Hardy, an entomologist with pest management firm Orkin Canada told Canadian Underwriter that there will be a pest problem in the city. Mould will be a problem from the water infiltration within homes, attracting flies and health problems.

Fallen trees will being carpenter ants into homes, attracted by humid conditions.

“In Quebec, carpenter ants are extremely present,” said Hardy. “Even in urban areas, we see them a lot, it’s not just a rural phenomenon.

“Unfortunately, a problem like that can persist for years. The cold weather is not enough to have it go away.”

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