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Quebecers willing to travel without insurance study finds

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 7, 2017 05:13 AM

Quebecers are becoming more adventurous in the vacation plans but are still willing to overlook travel insurance, a survey conducted by CAA-Quebec finds.

The results contrast last year, where the survey showed most people in the province were going to stay home and not vacation. This year there is a more adventurous spirit, with longer trips planned.

“Quebecers were more relaxed last year, and they seem to want to make up for that in 2017,” explained CAA-Quebec vice-president of travel Philippe Blain. “The statistics show the pendulum swinging back: vacationers are obviously itching to move.”

Seven out of 10 respondents in 2017 say they intend to travel this year. Amongst the three out of 10 who say they will remain at home, 32% blame work commitments for their lack of travel. However, 28% cite their budget as the main factor for not vacationing. CAA-Quebec points out this is lower than the 2016 survey.

Other information for the study shows that 30% of those asked say they will vacation for a maximum of a week. Those planning two-week trips increased 4% to 35% in 2017. Peak summer in August remains the time when the majority of Quebecers will take their vacations (46%), while 25% say their journey is planned to coincide with the construction holiday.

Quebec remains the first choice amongst respondents, with 52% saying they will vacation in their own province. 11% will embark on trips within Canada, while the same amount will visit the United States. 8% say they will head to Europe this year.

The most interesting aspect of the survey is that many travellers from Quebec without proper insurance, with 12% saying they will not have coverage.

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