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RBC debuts PATH travel insurance app

By: , Published on , Last Update on August 18, 2017 06:40 AM

RBC Insurance announced a new mobile application designed to help customers who need to claim emergency medical assistance through their travel insurance.

Called PATH, the app is free to download on iOS and Android devices. It was developed in collaboration between RSA Insurance and students at the RBC Amplify program, a project for top university students to create real world solutions for business problems. PATH was one concept that was created in the division.

With the application, customers can receive access to important information such as their policy data, and location of nearest medical facilities.

“Our idea was to help our clients access emergency medical assistance anywhere in the world and receive up-to-date travel information and advice on the go,” RBC Insurance Travel head Stacey Hughes-Brooks said in a release. “With the PATH app, RBC Insurance clients are only one click away from finding the help they need while travelling.”

The app allows customers to:

  • Search their location to find a medical facility for emergency assistance
  • Call or email experts directly for emergency medical assistance
  • Contact local emergency services
  • Access worldwide assistance numbers
  • Access up-to-date Government of Canada travel information, advisories and advice
  • Input medical information
  • Access contact information so they can call RBC Insurance to purchase travel insurance
  • Setup and send notification emails to family and friends

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