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RSA Canada introduces new claims management system

By: , Published on , Last Update on September 21, 2017 08:05 AM

RSA Canada has introduced a new claims management system. The company has deployed the Guidewire Software ClaimCenter across its network in Canada.

In a press release to announce the integration, RSA Canada says the ClaimCenter allows it to “enable the delivery of a simple, personal, and proactive, customer-centric claims experience for its customers.”

Furthermore, the insurer says the system helps it improve its system efficiency and support business processes, while also providing affordability.

ClaimCenter has been running for commercial and personal customers across Canada since the start of the month. The company says the claims management system will come to Quebec customers next year through its Johnson Insurance subsidiary.

“We wanted the best technology available, and were impressed with Guidewire’s overall product depth, market share, and focus on customer success. This technology will enable us to make life better for our customers by speeding up the time it takes to adjust a claim, providing a platform for further investment in digital communications channels and enabling our people to provide simple, proactive and consistent customer service.”

“We congratulate RSA on their successful deployment of ClaimCenter as the foundation on which to build and manage their claims business,” said Guidewire Software chief delivery officer Mike Polelle. “We admire RSA’s dedication to providing high levels of customer service and are pleased that ClaimCenter contributes to further enhancing the quality of their insurance services.”

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