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Samsung Reeling: Canadians Told to Return Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones

By: , Published on , Last Update on October 13, 2016 01:59 PM

Samsung’s decision to recall its Galaxy Note 7, stop selling it, and end future production is truly a global event. Every single owner of the smartphone flagship has been advised to send theirs back to the company. That includes owners in Canada, who will now begin the process of shipping their devices back to the South Korean company.

The Galaxy Note 7 was introduced in August. It was a preemptive strike against Apple’s iPhone 7, but turned into one of the biggest product losses in history. The range of smartphones has been widely praised for years, so there was no surprise when millions of customers flooded to buy the new Note 7.

However, this handset was carrying a dark secret. Its battery run so hot that it would sometimes catch fire and could even explode. It seems the pursuit for ever-increasing battery life meant Samsung created a product that was faulty at best, and just plain dangerous at worst.

While the company tried to explain how it could let such a problem slip quality control, it recalled 2.5 million devise and replaced them. This should have been the end of an already embarrassing and costly saga, but things would get worse for Samsung. Its replacement devices were also catching fire and exploding.

Samsung was forced into a corner and has now decided to completely discontinue the Galaxy Note 7. The company has lost billions of dollars through R&D, preparation, manufacturing, shipping and recalling. The Koran giant has lost 15% of its value in a matter of days and is reeling from the largest tech slip up in history.

Canadians now need to return their handsets. Many with a smartphone that costs over $700 will likely be insured. Fortunately, there should be no need to contact your insurer because Samsung has confirmed it will cover the cost of all returns and provide full refunds for the device.

There is a question though. How do customers send back an electronic product that has a tendency to catch fire and explode? Samsung says it will contact Canadian customers about how to return their Note 7s safely.

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