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Saskatchewan announces ridesharing legislation with auto insurance twist

By: , Published on , Last Update on December 23, 2017 10:53 AM

Saskatchewan has debuted its legislation that allows ridesharing companies to operate legally on its roads. However, the province has put a twist on the auto insurance model for companies such as Uber.

Under its Vehicles for Hire Act, the province will require ridesharing companies to file written evidence of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1 million. The stipulation was announced by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). Additionally, the company would need to insure vehicles to work under the Automobile Accident Insurance Act.

Like in other Canadian cities and provinces, Uber and other ridesharing providers can decide whether to work with the laws or not operate in the province.

Every company must also provide the following to an insurer:

  • The TNC’s name and principal place of business in Saskatchewan or the name and address of the TNC’s agent or representative in Saskatchewan;
  • The name and address of all drivers providing vehicle-for-hire services for the TNCs in the province, as well as a list of all vehicles providing the service;
  • The geographic scope of the TNC’s operations in the province;
  • Proof the TNC is licensed to operate as a TNC; and
  • “Additional prescribed information or information that the insurer may reasonably require.”

Among the other items in the legislation:

  • Municipalities continue to be able to make bylaws that also govern ridesharing companies in their town or city;
  • Mandatory criminal record checks for all drivers (rideshare, limousines and taxis); and

A prescribed driver’s licence class that will apply to ridesharing company drivers, taxis and limousines.

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