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SGI announces fund towards Canadian Red Cross disaster relief

By: , Published on , Last Update on May 31, 2018 04:28 AM

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI Canada) has announced a collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross in an effort to help people in Saskatchewan who have been affected by disasters.

“SGI Canada is proud to support our communities and the Red Cross, and help in times of need,” SGI minister Joe Hargrave said in a statement.

The public auto insurance provider has given the Canadian Red Cross $35,000 as part of the partnership. $25,000 will go towards purchasing flood clean-up kits, supporting emergency preparedness initiatives, and helping people with long-term recovery.

“The Red Cross really focuses on the first 72-hours of a natural disaster and having a flood clean-up kit is very vital and in cases where there are floods, it allows people to proceed immediately with the clean-up,” said Canadian Red Cross outreach coordinator for disaster management Jan Radwanski.

The funding will allow the Red Cross to buy 200 flood clean-up kits and assistance items like clothes and food for families that have been displaced from their homes. Some of the money will help find accommodation for people who have lost homes.

With the remaining $10,000, the organization will purchase new equipment and other operational items. SGI says it is also giving the Canadian Red Cross access to its SGI volunteers list to receive more help when disasters happen.

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