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SGI considers fining motorists who leave keys in vehicles

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 24, 2017 08:07 AM

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) says it will consider issuing penalties to drivers who leave their keys or fob in a vehicle that gets stolen.

Almost all insurance policies issued by SGI will cover a stolen vehicle under the loss and damage benefits of the provincial insurers coverage. However, the company’s Auto Fund executive vice-president, Earl Cameron, says there is now a debate as to whether SGI should punish drivers of stole vehicles if they left their keys in the car.

Speaking to Canadian Press, Cameron said there is caution within SGI as to whether such a tactic would be viable. He claims the insurer would prefer to advise customers about not leaving keys in their car, and for customers to listen.

While it is up for debate within the company, it is ultimately not SGI’s decision if such a punishment would happen. The insurance provider would have to seek legislative approval within the Saskatchewan government, Cameron admitted.

Cameron points out that several other provinces do fine motorists who leave their keys of fobs in vehicles that are then stolen. Saskatoon police data shows that between 60% and 65% of stolen vehicles in the city were taken with the key left in them.

He added that several other provinces have fines for motorists who leave their keys or key fobs in their vehicles.

Estimates by Saskatoon police suggest that between 60 and 65% of stolen vehicles in the city had the key or key fob inside.

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