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Sunroof explosions increases in Canada during last two years

By: , Published on , Last Update on October 25, 2017 10:12 AM

Exploding sunroofs are becoming an increasing problem for Canadians, which usually happens for no obvious reason.

Transport Canada presents data that shows sunroof complaints were at zero during 2007 but increased to more than 110 in 2016. As of October 16 of this year, 103 exploding sunroof incidents have been reported in Canada during 2017.

“The increase in the number of complaints might be attributed to more vehicles on the road equipped with larger sunroofs,” the agency observed.

TC says it has recorded 351 complaints related to shattered sunroofs since the turn of the century. The organization says Hyundai is the automaker with the most reports of shattered sunroofs with 61, followed by Nissan with 49 and BMW with 32.

Hyundai’s Sante Fe model is the highest in terms of individual cars, with 37 complaints, with Nissan Murano’s 19, and BMW 3 Series’ 13.

Modern cars often feature bigger sun panes compared to older models, with many sporting panoramic sunroofs. Transport Canada says the bigger the glass the “likelihood of contact with an airborne projectile, such as a piece of ice, gravel or other debris.”

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