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Totten acquires online brokerage

By: , Published on , Last Update on January 30, 2018 08:26 AM

Totten Insurance Group announced the acquisition of an Ontario-based digital brokerage, Belyer Insurance Limited. The Windsor-based digital broker is known under the operational name EasyInsure.

The company is described as “Canada’s first and leading digital insurance brokerage.” EasyInsure sells personal insurance products and has recently expanded to commercial insurance solutions. Totten “intends to leverage EasyInsure’s digital capabilities to better support its current and future clients.”

“EasyInsure’s rapid growth is a testament to both its knowledgeable professionals and distribution platform as well as Canada’s appetite for web-based insurance transactions,” said Totten president Susan Murphy in a statement. “We’re eager to utilize EasyInsure’s online processes to increase our operational efficiencies in distribution and, more importantly, ensure we continue to deliver customized solutions to our customers when and how they want them.”

EasyInsure founders and partners Leen Meyer and Grant Belanger will join Totten’s executive team while continuing to manager the company. Both will report directly to Murphy.

“Joining Totten allows us to leverage the expert underwriting resources together with a national platform,” commented Belanger. “Our clients and prospects will continue to receive customized guidance and best-in-class service as well as a more robust suite of insurance solutions and capabilities.” 

“Like Totten, EasyInsure is focused on innovation, which is why we’re so excited to join the agency whose brand is synonymous with future-forward products and services to meet the needs of customers,” added Meyer.

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