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Toyota Recalls 21,722 Vehicles for Third Time

By: , Published on , Last Update on August 16, 2016 11:48 AM

Toyota Canada says that it is recalling 21,722 vehicles in the country. The recalls are actually vehicles that were subject to a previous 2013 recall by the Japanese company. Like then, model year 2006 to 2011 Toyota RAV4’s and 2010 Lexus HS250h’s have been called back by the company. Toyota says that it is changing the remedy for the fixes it made.

The original recall was because of a problem with rust on suspension caused by leaking rear wheel adjustment nuts. More specifically, when the rear wheel nuts were realigned and tightened after an adjustment, rust would start to form on the suspension arm threads. Toyota said last week that the situation could cause the arm to separate.

That worst case scenario would happen if the conditioned was not found and fixed in a servicing, allowing the threads to wear. A separated suspension arm could lead to a driver losing control of the vehicle and being involved in a collision. Toyota has tried to fix the situation, but seemingly remains unhappy.

This will be the third time that the company has called 337,000 vehicles around the globe that have been affected by the problems. 21,722 of those vehicles are found in Canada.

Toyota says it will notify all affected customers via first class mail. The cost of repair for replacing the suspension arm will be free through the company’s dealers. To ensure future safety, an epoxy will be included to stop servicers from adjusting the arm.

“Information about automotive recalls, including but not limited to the list of involved vehicles, is subject to change over time. For the most up-do-date Safety Recall information on Toyota and Lexus vehicles, customers should check their vehicle’s status by visiting or and entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For any additional questions, customer support is also available by calling Toyota Customer Interaction Centre at 1-888-TOYOTA-8 (1-888-869-6828) or Lexus Customer Service at 1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987).”


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