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Uber plans for Vancouver launch with mapping project

By: , Published on , Last Update on August 21, 2017 11:17 AM

United States-based ridesharing giant Uber is preparing itself to enter Metro Vancouver later this year. To make sure it is properly prepared, the company wants to make sure its drivers and application properly know the streets.

Uber pitches itself as a technology company that provides an app to act as a connection platform for drivers and customers. Users of the app can select nearby drivers for a journey by using an in-app map. To prepare for its Vancouver launch, Uber Canada is undergoing an urban mapping program.

The mapping program kicked off in the city this week with twenty-five vehicles traveling around the metropolitan area and taking images and data. The maps will cover traffic patterns and building entrances.

Uber says the information will be used to improve the app experience by improving matches between customers and drivers. The maps will also be used for drivers to navigate the fastest and best routes through the city, as well as offer more accurate journey times and fares.

Vancouver was a long-standing Uber hold out and was the largest city in North American without the ridesharing service. However, British Columbia is now working with Uber and says the company will be operation by December.

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