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Uber provides free insurance through AXA

By: , Published on , Last Update on July 26, 2017 04:25 AM

Uber is continuing an auto insurance initiative that will likely be considered for the Canadian market. The ride-sharing giant has announced a partnership with AXA that will provide free auto coverage to the insurer’s customers who work for Uber in Europe.

Announced yesterday, the collaboration mirrors similar projects Uber has already debuted in the United States and United Kingdom. The company is increasingly looking for insurance partners to bring coverage to drivers. In Canada, Uber has linked with Intact Insurance to provide protection to its drivers, but this partnership does not include offering free coverage to Intact customers.

“This partnership will provide a safety net for the independent workers who enjoy flexible work at the touch of a button and we’ll carry on listening about further improvements we can make to create the best possible experience,” Uber Europe, the Middle East, and Africa head of operations Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty said.

Uber has not revealed exact details of the AXA agreement, but it is understood drivers with policies from the insurance will be protected in Uber for no charge. AXA and the ride-hailing company say more details will be provided when the collaboration is fully rolled out in the autumn.

So far, AXA has confirmed among the benefits of policies will be disability indemnities, medical expenses, and survivor benefits.

While free insurance programs are not part of Uber’s current partnerships in Canada, they are something the company appears to be exploring across regions. When Uber first entered the Canadian market, it operated illegally with drivers on their personal policies.

These policies were invalid for commercial use, leaving operators uninsured. Uber has since gained regulatory approval in numerous municipalities and could branch out to partner auto insurance providers.

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