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Uber takes hard stance against drivers picking up passengers from hails

By: , Published on , Last Update on September 25, 2017 09:51 AM

Quebec's Ministry of Transport and Uber have warned drivers of the ride-hailing service against picking up passengers who hail them.

Uber says it will take strict action against drivers. The company provides an app platform for drivers to connect with passengers with a pre-determined fee. Part of Uber’s regulated entry into Canada and Quebec was on the premise that drivers work for the ride-hailing company and do not act as quasi taxi drivers.

The taxi industry has been heavily against Uber’s expansion, thinking the company will steal business away. If ride-sharing drivers start taking hailed fares, Uber loses money and the taxi-industry is subjected to unfair competition.

One Montreal taxi driver has been filming Uber drivers picking up passengers. He has been uploading the videos on YouTube, as part of a mission to show Uber is unfair for the taxi industry.

"My objective is to show the government that [Uber] has ruined our industry," he told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

The Ministry of Transport, which paved the way for Uber to enter Quebec as spoken out:

"We're waiting for Uber to put in place disciplinary measures to stop this practice," Ministry of Transport spokesperson Mathieu Gaudreault said.

Uber has said it will take a hard stance against drivers who pick up fares:

"We have a very strict policy towards those who do off-platform hailing and as soon as such a case is brought to our attention, the individual is expelled immediately and definitively," Uber spokesperson Jean-Christophe de le Rue told CBC in an email.

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