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Weather conditions keep B.C. wildfire threat high

By: , Published on , Last Update on July 30, 2017 11:36 AM

Environmental conditions are keeping the threat of increased wildfires high in British Columbia. Hot and dry conditions, fierce winds, and the chance of lightning means fire crews are on alert in case further fires spread.

The province has recently been hit by wildfires. The BC Wildfire Service says weather forecasts for the weekend and early this week come with a warning. Blazes currently remain around the province, but no recent growth has been reported.

Chief information officer Kevin Skrepnek says there are almost 150 fires burning in British Columbia, and until rain comes, communities will continue to be at risk. 11 new fires were reported on Thursday, seven of which were caused by lightning. With more electrical storms expected, but no rain, the risk remains high.

Authorities have been forced by conditions to expand their evacuation order for some homes in remote areas of the province.

While some evacuation orders have been expanded, others have been removed. On Thursday, thousands of British Columbia residents from around Williams Lake were able to return to their homes.

While no blaze growth is being reported, officials say some blazes (those in Cache Creek and Clinton) are obscured by smoke, so accurate growth assessment is not possible.

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