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Winnipeg starts distracted driving campaign

By: , Published on , Last Update on June 29, 2018 04:08 AM

Winnipeg police have announced a month-long campaign to clamp down on distracted driving, starting with a focus on this Canada Day weekend. Specifically, the crack down will be focused on stopping motorists using cell phones behind the wheel.

"People are certainly being more covert about the methods that they are using to operate a cell phone while they are operating a motor vehicle," Staff Sgt. Sean Pollock said Thursday. "That's where it has become more important for us to use the creative strategies to basically put police officers, to be quite blunt, where you wouldn't expect us to be."

During April this year, police in the city handed 480 tickets to distracted drivers. Deaths and serious injuries caused by distracted driving are escalating and are now level with fatalities involving impaired driving.

Across the province of Manitoba, one in three road fatalities and one in five injuries involve distracted driving.

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