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Ambitious OPTIMA Collaboration for Ontario Minor Injury Treatment

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The Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMA) Collaboration is an ambitious undertaking by a team of expert professionals across multiple fields. The collective was tasked with redefining guidelines for protocols for the treatment of minor injuries after an auto accident and submitted

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Understanding Actual Cash Value (ACV) In Auto Insurance

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You may have seen the term ACV passed around the internet or even by your insurance company, and may even know that it means Actual Cash Value. But what does this actually mean for you when insuring a vehicle? Surprisingly many people do not actually know what Actual Cash Value (ACV) is, but here we

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Frequently asked questions

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Why do I need auto insurance? The fact that driving without insurance is illegal in Canada is only half the explanation: insurance is there to protect you financially and provide you with peace of mind. If you’re involved in a serious at-fault accident resulting in injury to the other driver

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