Brokerages without a Google search presence are “invisible” to customers

Published: May 24, 2019

Updated: June 3, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Customers now expect insurance at their fingertips and are increasingly heading online to find the best policy at the best price. Finding an insurance provider or broker is now easier than it has ever been, simply by conducting a Google search.

Consumers seeking a broker only need to conduct a search such as “broker for car insurance” or “insurance brokers in my area”. Ensuring your brokerage turns up in these search results is hugely important and not being online at all sets any company at a major disadvantage.

“People turn to Google first and most for information on practically everything and everyone,” Garrett Wasny, a technology skills advisor told Canadian Underwriter. “The internet is this vast ocean. The entry to it is through Google. That’s how most people gather their information.”

“You are invisible to prospects,” Wasny said. “If you’re illiterate in technology, what else are you illiterate at? Why should I trust you with my business, with my money? Especially in insurance, which is literally life and death, you’re not on the most important channel for communication? No thank you. That is a huge red flag.”

Ensuring visibility on Google search results is as easy as to create an account with Google My Business. Functioning like a profile for enterprises on Google’s platform. Organizations who join My Business can set up company information, including opening hours, location, contact details, and other information.

Brokers have been slower than most to get online, with many brokerages still not with an active website. Simply signing up for Google My Business can be a good replacement for an online presence.

“That information you provide to Google is immediately and automatically listed on the Google search engine,” Wasny said. “So I can’t name a better way to improve your visibility and enhance your credibility than to use the Google My Business page. You can use that as a branding tool.”