Brokers can engage customers with offers says ICBF speaker

Published: March 6, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Offers and discounts from brokers could bring value to customers and help to bring in new consumers. If these offers help them save on home and auto insurance in Canada, customers will embrace it. That’s according to the Broker Forum (ICBF).

“Fully 50 to 60% of your customers are saying, ‘this is of interest to me,’” Bill Morris, senior partner with Markham, Ont.-based Navicom Inc..

Morris was speaking at the ICBF on March 1, which was held at the Allstream Centre in Toronto. “Who doesn’t want to save money? Who knows more about potentially ways to save money on cars and homes than your industry?” Morris asked.

He was speaking during a session titles The Future of Customer Engagement. Morris discussed the discount in Ontario for winter tires, which gives customers 15% off their auto insurance premiums in the provinces. Navicom’s research finds that younger customers are more interested in offers and discounts.

“Because that’s what they’re expecting. If you can’t give it to them and somebody else can, it could be a game changer,” Morris suggested.

“What customers want to talk about… historically are not areas where brokers would have focus on,” he continued. “It may have nothing to do with buying something. It may have something to do with knowledge or wisdom,” he said.

“Operative word: real time,” Morris added. “That’s the world we live in now. We know that technology is coming – it’s here. We know that disruption is underway. Why not be the leaders?” he asked. “The opportunity is for you to grab that disruption.”

Brokers face problems engaging customers. One of the issues is that consumers usually want more:

“It’s not just how you are doing, it’s what else can you do or should you do for me to engage me or keep me wanting to do business with you,” he explained. “By far and way, that is one of the biggest challenges. They’re busy looking for opportunities that would suit them or make their lives easier. Anything you can do to save me a few minutes or make my life a little easier, I’m interested in that,” Morris said.