Brokers don’t have to open outside business hours

Published: August 21, 2018



Brokerages can often stay open beyond normal business working hours, a concept that derives from customers working regular hours and then purchasing insurance on evenings or weekends. However, in the modern world, is it necessary for brokers to stay open now that online services are widely available.

Ken Schindle, president of Thomson-Schindle-Green Insurance and Financial Services Ltd.  Recently said “It shouldn’t really matter if your technology is structured properly” whether a brokerage is open outside normal business hours.

Still, some brokers remain open. Whether it’s needed or not, brokers open on weekends or evenings insist they are merely offering an additional service to their customers.

Technology has increased coverage for brokers, who can now sell their services online 24/7. Customers are embracing online, but there are still those clients who prefer a personal touch. Still, Schindle believes technology is now poised to cover all bases.

“I feel that technology should be able to give your clients some 24-hour a day access to their information,” Schindle said. “There was a time when we would have people lined up in the lobby, 14-15 deep, waiting to pay their bill. So the payment counter was sort of busy all day long. But we are definitely not seeing that anymore these days.”

“They can do it at 2 in the morning, they can do it on a Saturday or Monday at 4 o’clock” Schindle said.